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Managed services improve IT readiness, simplify operations, and reduce risk through expert guidance and centralized support.

Managed IT Services

Management and responsibility for providing a defined set of business technology services to you, either proactively or as services are needed.
  • Leverage expert knowledge – Relying on our experts to provide IT operations services allows your teams to focus on innovation without getting bogged down in routine tasks.
  • Cost savings – Save on staff and training. Engaging our managed IT services instead of building in-house IT operations can be cheaper and the costs can be more predictable, which is helpful for budgeting.
  • Reliability – Our services are provided under an SLA, which guarantees uptime for your infrastructure at all times. This includes maintaining the health and security of your systems and applying patches and upgrades as needed.

Managed SOC

Monitoring and response to threats in your IT infrastructure, without incurring capital expenses related to security software, hardware, personnel, training, and more.
  • Full security monitoring 24×7 – Security monitoring of advanced cyber threats in your IT infrastructure for on-premises and public cloud environments, as well as endpoints.
  • Response to threats faster – our SOC analysts identify and validate threats, working with your incident response team to guide, and automate response and remediation.
  • Reduced CapEx and OpEx budgets – get all the benefits of a SOC while controlling the complexity, cost, and time investment of an in-house operation.

IT Support Services

Our maintenance services keep your business running with a focus on multiproduct, multivendor issue resolution across your deployment.
  • Hardware support – Maintain system uptime by fixing hardware issues and replacing defective equipment faster.
  • Solution support – Solve complex multivendor software and hardware issues faster with Apotica expertise.
  • Software support – Solve software issues and provide top-notch user experiences with Apotica software expertise.
  • All services are covered by SLAs which contain provisions for typical downtime, disaster recovery, technical support, and help desk operations.

Recommended Products

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Ivanti Patch for Endpoint Manager



Elastic Stack


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